Don’t Let Your Medical Situation Derail You!

Don’t Let Your Medical Situation Derail You!

Reducing Frustration While Navigating a Health Issue is Key to Success

When faced with a health problem, which path do you take? Do you turn to the internet, ask trusted friends, rely solely on your doctors, or make endless phone calls that keep you stuck in the same cycle?

Health information is often contradictory or confusing, and the healthcare system is difficult to manage under normal circumstances. Studies show that only 12 percent of people have adequate knowledge to navigate the healthcare system. It is especially tough to navigate health and medical care when you have a chronic and complex disease or illness, cognitive issues, or don’t understand the medical jargon. Likewise, it isn’t easy to focus on your job or manage your household when dealing with a problematic health concern. 

Today, with rising costs of health care and high deductible insurance plans, doctor visits are on the decline.  As a result, preventable illnesses and diseases are missed or left to the patients to interpret independently.  Unfortunately, the results are increased costs and reduced quality of care.   Patient advocates can help consumers untangle some of these issues.

Anyone can advocate for a patient; however, board-certified patient advocates have training and education in the medical sector.  They provide a variety of services that assist coordination of care to find solutions to your medical situation.  Some of the services include:

Medical NavigationBilling, Insurance, Medical FormsElder CareWellness and Prevention 
Research and education about confusing medical informationReview medical bills for errorsTransitions of care (home to hospital, Skilled nursing, assisted living)Provide resources to improve wellness
 Coordinate communication with patient and healthcare providers Negotiate medical bills Resources and support groupsHealth coaching and lifestyle management 
 Find providers and second opinionsConfirm coverage for servicesMedical Navigation ServicesEducation about chronic disease
 Medication, lab, and medical visit reviewAdvance Care Directives & End of Life Planning  

Patient advocates are health advisors who assist patients in obtaining the best available care as they navigate their medical journey. They identify the factors that impede patients from improving their health. As patient advocates, we do not make decisions for you. Instead, we engage in your health, advocating for you through shared decision-making. Patient advocates collaborate with other members of the care team to plan and coordinate a patient’s care. Furthermore, we offer personalized approaches to patients and companies to help their staff stay healthy and avoid adverse health consequences. Reach out today! Medical Advocacy Plus can map you in the right direction.

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