What is a Patient Advocate?

What is a Patient Advocate?

When I tell people I’m a patient advocate, they smile and say, that’s nice!  But…what is that?

Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed with information and questions regarding your healthcare?  You are not alone.  Two common scenarios arise:  First, life is running along smoothly, and then BOOM, suddenly your life has been uprooted due to a new health issue.  You are facing something entirely out of your comfort zone.  Second, you suffer from chronic illness and often feel helpless as one medical condition piles on top of another.  Both of these scenarios leave you feeling powerless, afraid, angry, or lost in the medical system. 

The healthcare system is complex and difficult to manage under normal circumstances, but it is especially tricky when dealing with a serious illness. A patient advocate serves as your voice when you are experiencing a health-related problem.  I can’t imagine you solving your medical issues alone without the background knowledge of the medical system. They may also occur to a loved one, but you are unable to provide support or care.

  • .I help you understand your medical diagnosis and find answers from credible sources.  
  • When you need more information or details from your doctor’s visit, I fill in the missing gaps of knowledge. 
  • I serve as your liaison between you and your physicians by providing follow-up questions, preparing you for your next doctor visit, researching a treatment plan, or helping you obtain a second opinion.n
  • I help protect you from medical errors, including proper discharge planning, medical billing errors, and promote patient safety. 
  • If you are already overwhelmed by a severe medical condition, I can help research your range of treatment options, giving you time to focus on recovery.  
  • You may be concerned about your elderly parents and the care they are receiving.  As your advocate, I assist with the aging population healthcare needs.   

A patient advocate serves as your voice when you are experiencing a health-related condition.  You will get better outcomes with less work because I empower you with knowledge and support to confidently take ownership of your healthcare decision-making. 

Using my compassionate nature and over 30 years of healthcare experience, I lessen your fear and frustration as I guide you through your diagnosis, treatment, or management of your medical situation. 

 I map you through the tangled web of healthcare by taking action and providing solutions to make informed decisions.

Do you want help mapping through your healthcare situation? Consider a free 30 minute consultation: 281-204-0017

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