We are your advocate.

Medical Advocacy Plus helps you map through the tangled web of healthcare and provides guidance and education so you can make informed decisions for your care.

We are independent patient advocates that work directly for you, not insurance companies or hospitals. Our allegiance is to you or your family, navigating through health and medical concerns.

Our goal is to provide you with knowledge and empower you to be engaged in your healthcare decisions and understand the complexities so you can make an informed decision about your care as well as your medical rights. We take the emotion out of decision making.

Our Services

Elder Care

Caring for aging seniors at various stages has unique challenges and timing is important in understanding the options.

  • Life care planning includes assisted living and nursing home recommendations
  • Long-term care decisions includes living wills and advanced directives
  • Education to support end-of-life care and life-sustaining treatment decisions
  • Providing support after a hospital stay includes guidance on home therapy and rehabilitation
  • Finding home health care, hospice or palliative care for your loved ones

Medical Navigation

Navigating through complex or simple medical issues can be frustrating and confusing. We can help you find a path to get through it.

  • Understanding medical conditions and treatment options
  • Communicating with doctors and medical teams
  • Learning about prescriptive medications and proper dosages
  • Considering if a second opinion is beneficial when making decisions
  • Understanding insurance coverage and billing issues
  • Providing emotional support
  • Utilizing evidence-based practice to find the treatment options
  • Creating a care plan
  • Protecting you from medical errors to resolve health care issues and prevent adverse events
  • Advanced care planning includes advanced directives, living wills, and organ donation

Diagnosis Education

Understanding your diagnosis and medical conditions is critical. We are here to empower you to make informed decisions by providing research and educating you about the aspects of your diagnosis so you have the information you need to understand what to do.

Wellness/Preventative Care

Educating patients in the 3 tiers of prevention:

  • Primary prevention: prevent a disease or health issue that includes nutrition, exercise, smoking, safe sex, immunization, etc.
  • Secondary prevention: patient has been diagnosed and needs help to stay on top of their treatment plan.
  • Tertiary prevention: assist with long-term health problems and help manage disease with support groups, rehab, etc.

Why Hire a Patient Advocate?

An independent advocate is someone who helps you and/or your family navigate through challenging medical issues. As your patient advocate, there are many ways we can help you.

Our Mission

Simplifying healthcare and wellness through patient education and advocacy.

Our Vision

Be the best educator of the complex healthcare system that builds teamwork between patients and their healthcare needs that includes finances, resources, ethical concerns, safety and prevention to assure quality care.

About Medical Advocacy Plus

As founder of Medical Advocacy Plus, Angie Galatas’ vision of becoming a patient advocate began following 30 years of observing patients and family members struggle to navigate through the health care system.

Angie specializes in the areas of voice and swallowing. For the past 9 years, she has worked in tandem with a laryngologist diagnosing and treating a variety of patients with throat and swallowing problems.

In her career as a speech language pathologist, she noticed a disconnection to patient care. Some patients and families didn’t feel they were able to actively participate in decisions because they were unfamiliar with medical terminology, lab-testing results, medical coding and insurance billing. Once receiving medical information during their appointment, they often forgot the information or left to interpret the data to decide independently. This led the patient to frustration, anxiety and at a loss. To better understand the intricate details of patient care and provide appropriate counseling, she felt compelled to understand these areas and the clinical pathways determined by the medical team which led her to patient advocacy.

Did you know that Angie is also adventurous?  She has hiked a 14er in Colorado, scuba dove, participated in triathlons and marathons.  She also enjoys music and has played the piano most of her life.  She admits she doesn’t like to perform, but enjoys it as a way to relax during her day.

Angie Galatas M.A, CCC/SLP is a Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA), completing her certification at the University of Miami and also Nationally Certified through the Patient Advocate Certification Board.


Services Not Provided

Medical Advocacy Plus does not provide the following services outside scope of practice:

  • Examinations or medical treatment of diagnosis
  • Second opinions or medical advice
  • Medical Advocacy Plus does not get paid by any health insurance company or work for one
We are your advocate.

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