Case Study

Elderly Patient with Family Living from a Distance


The son of an 81-year-old residing in an assisted living facility needed assistance coordinating his father’s upcoming medical procedure and home health therapies. The father has a history of dementia and cannot care for himself independently. The son, who lived in another state, previously assisted in coordinating his father’s care, but it became too challenging to manage daily. He consistently hit roadblocks coordinating his care. His father needed an urgent preventative procedure. Tasks that should only take a few phone calls turned into multiple calls and wait times. The son became frustrated and overwhelmed; managing his father’s medical care took too much time away from his work and family life. He wanted someone who understood the medical system to assist the care of his father and make things happen quickly.


Medical Advocacy Plus reached out to his medical providers to set up and attend the pre-operative appointment and was able to serve as the primary communicator between the family, the patient, and healthcare providers.


His procedure was scheduled within two weeks’ time. The family saved money as the original home health company was out of network, costing the family over $175.00 per visit, so we found an in-network company that cost $10.00 per visit. The family in turn felt relieved as they received regular updates regarding home health nursing and physical/occupational therapies.

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