COVID-19: Busting the Rumors

COVID-19: Busting the Rumors

­Wow, lots of rumors going on around about the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  Let’s talk about how some of the latest rumors, not based on any facts or studies.

Can Vitamin C supplements stop you from catching the COVID-19?

No research has yet to find evidence that vitamin C supplements prevent a COVID-19 infection. It can help shorten the duration of a cold and Vitamin C is a great antioxidant that supports normal immune function.

Can a face mask protect you from the virus?

In my previous post, this was discussed. The standard surgical masks cannot protect you from COVID-19. These masks should be worn by infected people to prevent the spreading of their respiratory droplets from their mouths.

Are you more likely to get the COVID-19 than catching the flu?

Well, there is a lot of scientific jargon with this one, with “basic reproduction number” or RO. What is currently reported is that COVID-19 is a 2.2 meaning a single infected person will infect about 2.2 others. The flu has a 1.3 RO number (JAMA Feb 27 update).

Drinking small sips of water every 15 minutes will protect against COVID-19.

This stemmed from a Japanese doctor claiming it will wash the virus into your stomach and “stomach acid will kill the virus”. There is no data to support this claim. Staying well-hydrated is more important whether you have the virus or not.

The importance of reliable sources of information

Please make sure you are using the correct source of information. The National Association of Healthcare Advocacy recently recommended a few reliable sources.

  1.  George Benjamin, MD, the Executive Director of the American Public Health Association, cautions us to be aware of misinformation and rumors.  Rely on the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for any updates which occur by noon every weekday.
  2. Infectious disease MD Dr. Anthony Fauci,    Dr. Fauci is the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and an expert on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases Information.  Rolling updates from World Health Organization are included in this site.

Testing: Good news for Medicare recipients. The COVID-19 is covered by Medicare!

Prevention: Wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds, stay home if you are sick and avoid large crowds.

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