You love having a day off work, and on occasion, it’s unplanned, such as a weather day, technical problems, or taking care of a sick child.

However, when it becomes a personal health issue, you may not enjoy hearing the words: “you need to stay out of work while you heal.”

Your doctor’s recommendation wasn’t necessarily your choice.  

In your mind, you knew you shouldn’t have avoided going to the doctor but kept putting it off.

I’ve worked with many folks who ignore warning signs and symptoms until it impacts their personal and professional life. 

Why does this happen?

•          Denial

•          Too busy; self-care is on the back burner

•          Afraid of the worst

•          Worried job may be in jeopardy if they miss work

One of my client’s family members reached out to me.  She told me she is worried about her father.  He suffered from chronic cough and hoarseness for several months. She believed an unrelated person might be better educating him on the need for self-care.

So, I reached out, and he agreed to work with me.

Mr. Mack was a large, framed man with a craggy face and furrowed brows.  He was proud to mention he runs his own company, and his employees rely on him. As a result, he doesn’t have time to miss work going from doctor to doctor or taking care of non-emergent health issues.

So, how did I approach this?  How did I break the outward shell of a stern man who felt he was too proud to become vulnerable to an illness?

Build trust!

  •             I listen
  •             I empathize
  •             I show patience
  •             I don’t force or preach
  •             I get to know him a little better

After listening to him, I expressed concern about his symptoms.  I explained that waiting and ignoring signs can lead to more time off than if addressed sooner.

We went through some possible diagnoses and located a physician that would be a good fit for him.

After his doctor visit, he agreed he should have gone sooner. Although he will miss work for about a week, he hopes his diagnosis isn’t the worst-case scenario.

Fortunately, his diagnosis was treatable, and he was able to return to work quickly. Moving forward, he agreed to continue our work together, allowing me to monitor his progress and watch for any further warning signs and symptoms. He wants to continue running his company for many years. His perspective about self-care and medicine changed. Thanking me, he now shares the importance of being empowered to control his health and welcomes my promotion of health and wellness in his company.

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