My Allergies Are Causing My Hoarseness….Or Do They?

My Allergies Are Causing My Hoarseness….Or Do They?

Lilies burst open. Orange, red, and pink flowers flourish. The squirrels get into conversations with each other…

And the sunshine feels warm on our skin again.

Happy spring! My favorite season. 

I feel energetic with the extra long days and bright sun. 

However, there is one drawback….Pollen and allergies.

Yep, it’s allergy time for a lot of folks.

This is the time of year people start heading to their allergist or doctor for help.

They complain of throat clearing, cough, and vocal hoarseness.

I’m told, “it’s definitely my allergies.”

Months later, in the summer, they are still hoarse.

After working with them, they discover that they aren’t getting results and have taken various medications to relieve symptoms.

They can’t perform their job, sing or speak due to chronic hoarseness.

As I work with my clients who aren’t getting results, we discover various reasons they are hoarse.

– they developed a vocal polyp from either pushing their voice too much or from the cough

– they have reflux in addition to allergies

– they developed a virus causing the hoarseness

– they are misusing their voice while compensating for the hoarseness

Here is a story of someone who was misdiagnosed:

So, yes, you may suffer from allergies during this time of the year, and it can lead to hoarseness, but before you spend too long waiting for it to improve and too much money, reach out to me and I will listen to your concerns and help you sort it all out.

You can reach me here or email me at [email protected]

What’s your favorite season, by the way?

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