“Ho Ho Ahem” (throat clear) Holiday Time!

“Ho Ho Ahem” (throat clear) Holiday Time!

We are now in the throes of the holiday season, and I’m wishing this finds you well. 

This is the time of year you typically attend holiday parties,

eat various festive foods and drinks,

and lose sleep due to the hustle and bustle.

Well, this year may look a little different…

Holiday parties are canceled due to the pandemic.  

However, you may still indulge in foods and drinks and gather with family and friends on zoom calls. 

You decide to meet virtually for your holiday celebration with some of your relatives. 

You know right away who has joined in your virtual holiday celebration, as this is what you hear through your speakers/headset:

 “Ahem, goodness hello…pause, ahem.”  

Ah, I hear mom has joined us.  

“cough, cough, cough.” 

And so has Cousin John. 

Besides the typical “how do I start my video” or “We can’t hear you; you need to unmute yourself,” audible throat clears and cough sound more emphasized when speaking virtually.

It is not normal to continually clear your throat or cough for weeks on end, and if it has been persistent for more than eight weeks, it’s time to get it checked. 

Chronic cough or persistent throat clearing is challenging to assess.  

Many go from doctor to doctor, take an assortment of medications, or simply ignore it. 

There are several reasons why this is happening, and you should understand the reasons why.  

 A few includes:

•           Untreated reflux (especially while indulging in rich foods)

•           Allergies

•           Swallowing problems

•           Smoking & vocal cord growths

•           Asthma, COPD, bronchitis

A patient recently told me she begins her morning coughing and clearing her throat for nearly four hours. Yikes, not only is that irritating her throat, but also exhausting.

Investigating the reason you are suffering from a chronic cough is imperative for proper treatment.

My experience with voice and swallowing disorders has afforded me the ability to help guide you to get the proper care.  Don’t lose sleep and money during the holidays, trying to find a resolution to your symptoms.  Don’t let that cough drive you crazy!  

Take action now.  We can meet virtually to help navigate your way to better health.

Warm regards and wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday season.


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