Can You Avoid Chronic Conditions?

Can You Avoid Chronic Conditions?

“If you don’t take time for wellness, you’ll be forced to spend time in illness.”

Part 2 in a series

Meet Connie*

She is a 62-year-old who is considered “hip” as she dresses in the latest trends.  She never leaves the house without her hair styled, and makeup impeccably applied.  Connie works part-time as an advocate for abused women, volunteers at local shelters, and is an active member of her neighborhood association.  She and her husband are empty-nesters with two grown children, one of which has recently lost his job due to COVID-19, four grandchildren all living within a few hours’ drive.  

Connie typically walks two-to-three miles a few times a week in addition to practicing yoga.  She shops at the local store purchasing mostly organic foods.  She and her husband enjoy cooking foods with wine pairings.  Connie is conscientious about eating healthy foods, buys primarily organic, and rarely indulges in fast foods.  She is a nonsmoker.  Connie admits feeling stressed working with the abused women and witnessing the suffering they endure.  She is also concerned about her son’s recent job loss.

Connie may not realize it, but the cause of her recent neck pain and hoarseness also increases her anxiety..

She doesn’t want to talk to anyone about it because of the unknown.  She fears cancer.

People have noticed she has become quiet and withdrawn, not the same ole Connie they know. 

Connie’s regular doctor didn’t appear concerned but prescribed allergy medication.

Her symptoms persisted. 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked with a client, and they are secretly anxious and afraid of their medical situation.  Her situation is personal, and when she explains it, she feels vulnerable.  

I listen, ask questions, and begin educating her about her concerns.  I research whom she should see regarding her concerns.  

We find a suitable doctor who will rule out or justify her suspicion.  

Together, we talk about what she is afraid of may not be what she expects.  

Connie begins to feel some relief.  She starts to feel hope.

Connie makes an appointment with a laryngologist, a throat specialist.

We review her diagnostic testing in detail.  I give her peace of mind advocating for her.   

She does not have cancer of the throat but has reflux and esophagitis, which can ultimately lead to cancer if left untreated.  

Connie was surprised by her diagnosis because she feels like she eats healthy and exercises..  Connie didn’t realize that stress can cause esophagitis.  She is thankful to learn how to prevent reflux from becoming a chronic illness.

Many chronic conditions are preventable.  Connie took time for wellness, so she didn’t spend time in illness; she identified some red flags.  It is the beginning of her path to better health.  

Medical Advocacy Plus helps you learn the basics of preventing chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and autoimmune diseases. Start your road map to better health.  

Let’s get started today!  Message me “MAP” so you can lessen the anxiety as we map out a plan for your healthcare situation.

*Connie is a fictitious name in this blog.

Stay tuned for the story of Terrence.


Sometimes subtle symptoms may be a warning that something is heading in the wrong direction. You may feel some vague symptoms, such as fatigue and low energy; other times, you may have symptoms that come and go. How do you know if it is worthy of a trip to the doctor’s office?

It’s a relief to know it may be general aging versus developing to a chronic condition or serious illness.

I am here to inform you to recognize signs and symptoms to avoid developing a chronic disease.
I map you through the tangled web of healthcare by taking action and providing solutions to make informed decisions.

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