COVID-19: Be Prepared

COVID-19: Be Prepared

With all the information regarding COVID-19 and its uncertainty of what is to come, this is a good time to share a few important things you need to do to be prepared during this public health crisis.

Take inventory of what medications are needed, and which ones have a limited supply (less than 3 months). Call the pharmacy and request a 3-month supply of your medications. Many states have emergency refill orders in place during the pandemic.

Make sure you have your medical affairs readily available. These include your name, date of birth, diagnosis, medications, physicians and your insurance information. This will help the healthcare team have all of your information in case of hospitalization. Keeping your information in one secure location is a great way to stay organized during COVID-19 and in normal circumstances as well. There are different websites that can help you organize your medical records.

Prepare your emergency contact information sheet that includes contact names, phone numbers and your advanced directives. Advanced directives including living wills will be discussed in more detail in my next post.

During this time of isolation and request to stay at home, utilize the resources available to you.

  • Grocery store delivery
  • Restaurant delivery (check for options in your community)
  • Pharmacy delivery
  • Telemedicine from your physician. Typically, this is billed the same way as a regular office visit during the COVID-19 public health crisis. You should call your insurance company for questions and see if their practice is covered for COVID-19 and telemedicine.
  • Be organized and prepared to describe your concerns and symptoms before calling your physician.
  • Have your medications and any recent test results available for discussion if needed.
  • Utilize a note-taker to gather information while you are on the call.
  • Make sure to have your pharmacy information ready to provide for your physician.

Be aware of scammers posing as officials related to the COVID-19 pandemic (especially when asking for social security information), Medicare representatives, and those who say they have cures, a stockpile of supplies or a vaccine for COVID-19.

Continue using these reliable sources for the latest update:

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