Feeling Stressed? Here Are Some Tips That Can Help, Part 2

Feeling Stressed? Here Are Some Tips That Can Help, Part 2

Coronavirus (COVID-19) information is everywhere you turn. It is in the news, social media, text messages and emails. Although it is useful information, that doesn’t mean you won’t find yourself more stressed and anxious about the situation. 


The term social distancing has taken over many of our social media platforms and public health recommendations. Also, your gym and workout studios have closed, and you don’t think you can exercise without them. However, exercise to relieve stress is just as important as eating healthy.

According to The American Heart Association, regular physical activity can relieve mental and physical tension. Some of you may be working from home due to the restrictions and quarantining. There are some positives to this recent change.

First, you don’t have the long commute into work allowing more time to exercise. You can now work out whenever you want. You could opt to work out during your normal commuting time (morning or evening commute) and still work the same number of hours. You can now use your own home as your gym or your neighborhood as quickly as tying your shoes and heading out the door.

Second, you are now able to take a short workout during lunch and return to your desk ready to put in a full afternoon of work. During my morning run today, I ran past a gentleman conducting a meeting while he was walking. I heard him say “I’m doing great conducting this meeting while taking my morning walk.” He exhibited a positive attitude while conducting his business. This is a great example of the benefits of incorporating exercise into your daily routine.

Finally, these types of workouts can save you money by not paying gym memberships and fuel. Walking, running, cycling, yoga, weight/strength training are just a few examples of possible at-home exercise. I know I mentioned saving money with home workouts, but if you feel compelled to use a machine to kick start your exercise regimen, then maybe it’s time to invest in a stationary cycling bike treadmill, free weights or yoga mat. With these, there are so many apps to follow as if you were in the class live. As an added benefit, many of these apps have free trials so you can use them while we are trying to stay home and decrease the spread of the virus! Some examples are:

So, eat healthily enjoy the outdoors and exercise. It will improve your mood and productivity!