MAP Voice Package

Are you:

  • Fearful of losing your job because you are having difficulty with your voice? Tired of going to doctors without getting results?
  • Exhausted because you can’t use your voice effectively?
  • Fearful that something serious might be wrong?

Medical Advocacy Plus is offering a package to help you get answers: MAP Program for Vocal Hoarseness

Vocal Hoarseness: MAP your way to find resolutions to the issues of why you continue to struggle with hoarseness while speaking or singing. Don’t keep ignoring your symptoms while speaking in virtual meetings, podcasting, training, public speaking, socializing, or singing. There is a reason this is happening, and this program will address the causes and help you find solutions.

Five 45 minutes sessions.

We will meet for five sessions; I will also be conducting research, reviewing your medical records, and emailing you with updates.

Meet: virtually or in-person to obtain:

  • Case history determining past and current situation
  • Your Goals
  • How and why your hoarseness is impacting you


  • Assess your situation through medical review and determine why you continue to struggle with hoarseness.
  • Review your medical records, including medication review, testing, lab results, and doctor visits
  • Research your diagnosis


  • Advocate for you to find a solution to your persistent hoarseness
  • Guide you to the next steps to achieve a better outcome
  • Review treatment options
  • Prepare you for your medical appointments, so you have the right questions to ask during your visit
  • Follow up on medical advice by reviewing your medical visit and interpreting the information in laymen’s terms

Results/Outcome: You will receive guidance to determine the cause of your vocal hoarseness and what you can do to get it resolved.
You will have someone by your side while we figure this out. The offer is available for a 4-month window of time from the time of purchase.Services must be scheduled and completed within 120 days from the time of purchase. 

Let’s Talk: Free 15-minute consultation to determine if I can help you solve your problem.

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